One State

Imagine one state of being better than one's self now.

The idea is simple...

...we all strive for some better state of being for our self now. Sometimes we don't realize we need to change, other times we push hard for change because we realize the necessity... in all cases, the path is the same. We all just want to do at least a little bit better than we did before.

In order to talk about any thing, we need to give it a label or name as a frame of reference, so instead of saying "the idea of a version of me that only lives in the very near future and is at least slightly better than this version of me right now", I have chosen to call this the idea of One State...

...though, who am I?

My name is Kevin C. Krinke and I like making curious machines for fun and profit. This site is an aspect of my Works of Progress, an ongoing continual integration process of creative works of art.

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My best,
One State